Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Someone just opened up a can of coke and my urge to go get myself a can and go run out for a smoke is starting to solidify nicely. The two things that I am addicted to seem to always follow me around all the time; especially when suffering through another interesting day at work. The thought of a coke/smoke break is more appealing not because of the addictive values but because of the 15 minutes away from the desk; away from trying to come up with good excuses to not do work.

So why is it that we choose to do the things that are so bad for us on a regular basis? I smoke, I drink, and I eat really badly but aside from the obvious reasons to quit I'm going to always enjoy these things. Why does it seem that all the fun and enjoyable things in life lead to addictions and very bad side effects? To be perfectly honest I wish I could become addicted to my job so that I wouldn't want to waste away the days wishing I was doing something else (like having a smoke)

Speaking of that smoke and coke it's time to indulge the addictions yet again (until I can some up the will to quit at least the smoking)