Friday, April 22, 2005

Ahh that magical day - Friday

Nothing puts more of a spring in my step than Friday; it’s a magical day that signals the end of the workweek for a whole two days. Yep two days without having to come into the cesspool of despair commonly known as the office. Just walking into this place makes me want to start popping Lithium on every day other than Friday. And today is just one of those magical days where lunches become a little bit longer, people work a little bit less (and in 3 weeks time we start summer hours which denotes even shorter Fridays)

I'm sure you're thinking: Hey! the guy's got a point! And I know I do, I've been brought to the depths of despair by this company and the simplistic beauty that is a Friday afternoon is quite remarkable. Now hopefully the world will cooperate and I'll have a relatively painless day where I have to deal with the shit for brains employees here as little as possible.