Friday, April 22, 2005

Bored out of my Tree

I know, bad Earth day pun but I'm sitting here at work so bored its not even funny. I've got more than enough work to keep me busy till the end of the day but I've got about as much desire to do it as I would to get a frontal lobotomy. Seriously I just don't get it, for the last year or two I've become so bored at work that its not even funny. I slink into work every morning and wonder what the fuck I'm doing coming in every day. Half the time I could just as easily sit in a coffee shop with a laptop on a wireless connection surfing the web (or writing more blog entries about the insanely fat people ordering boxes of donuts).

So why am I so bored at work? Is it the job? Is it a lack of motivation to do my job? Is it a very unhealthy combination of a lot of things? Well sadly its probably an unhealthy combination of a lot of things which in the end translates to me not really liking the job or coming in.

Sad isn't it? How to solve this predicament (burning the building down in the middle of the night doesn't count)?