Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Girl Guide Cookie, A coffee, and a smoke!

Yup for all those curious just how well I take care of myself I had a girlguide cookie, a coffee and a smoke for breakfast when I walked into the office. Now that I think about it that's got to be one of the healthier breakfasts I've had this week.

So today is a bit of a sad day at the office because I'm giving one of my co-op students their final review and that's pretty much it. The kid's been a pretty decent work term student but I guess he has to go back to that school thing for his summer term. I doubt we'll have a taller student coming through ever again (the kid was 6'10") though I'm not sure I'd ever get used to looking up, that far up to my staff (I'm pretty tall too at 6'2")

Blah! Boring! But I'm having myself one of those boring mornings listening to Pink Floyd working on the admin portion of my job with the door closed.