Friday, April 22, 2005

Its Eathday - Do Something about it!

Well it's Earth Day and I'm sure that most of the people on the planet don't know about it and if they do they probably don't give a shit. Its rather sad the shape that we've let our planet get into and its only getting worse and worse. I'm only 28 but even I've noticed changes from when I was a child. The smog for one was never really that bad when I was growing up but we've already had our first smog alert for the year and its early April, imagine if we have a hot summer.

But the most noticeable is the amount of cars on the road, when I first started working at the company I'm at 5 years ago I didn't have to leave super early to beat traffic but when I'm staying at my parents I've got to head our before 7 or I've got an hour + drive for what is normally a 25-30 minute drive normally. That's ignoring the days that it would have taken me 2 hours to get home without any major traffic accidents. I no longer drive, I bus and subway from my girlfriends condo. As much as I'd like to admit that this is a grandiose gesture to save the planet it isn't. It's to save me some time and aggravation but it does have that added perk of helping the environment. Seriously if we all did a little bit to help the environment by making our lives easier and saving some money then what's stopping us? Every little bit helps!

We should all stop being such fucking idiots and do just a little to help clean up the planet we live on while we've still got a chance.

Yahoo's Earth Day Site