Thursday, April 28, 2005

Less Air Pollution???

There was an article on Yahoo! this morning that stated that there is less air pollution in the US (Here's the link). Though the statistics are correct there probably is a bit less air pollution the article is bullshit! Seriously, to say that 152 million American's live in areas that this advocacy group considers polluted is an improvement is frightening. That means that the bad air is around the large cities that are just going to get larger with more people living in pollution.

But what about the rest of the planet? Air pollution doesn't just vanish after a while, the crap stays in the air and we're just going further down the road to fucking this planet the wrong way. Stats that say our air is getting better are nice because they show something is being done but its not enough. Not enough here and not enough in other parts of the world.

The technology exists to do things cleanly, why don't we start? (guess it might hurt this quarters financials so we'll have to hold on). Dependency on oil is going to really start fucking us over when we run out of the stuff and all we're left with is global level pollution that we can't fix.