Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Murphy's Law

Have you ever noticed how when you need the time to do something you don't have it? Its like the world conspires against you! My workload at work was pretty light in Feb and early March and looked to remain that way for a few months. So I decided to get this whole fucking school thing out of the way and double up on my classes. Normally this isn't a problem, but I had to pick the classes from hell with profs who've got an itch to hurt people.

So what does work decide to do? You better believe it got really busy! So now I'm into my 9th week of condensed insane classes with monster assignments, a 50-60 hour work week and parents who were kind enough to leave the country and expect me to take care of the cats. Fucking furrblass better be glad they're cute and I like cats! So sleep is now a thing of the very distant past. I work all day at work, drive to the parental units (in their car thankfully), feed the cats, drive home, do homework, pass out at some point and repeat the process. I've always thought I was slightly insane but now I'm convinced I'm out of my fucking gourd doing all this.

But it will all be over May 11th! (assuming I don't keel over dead from stress) Then a nice little hockey tournament with copious amounts of drinking out of town and away from the hell pit that is work and the evil monstrosity that is my computer!

Ok... I need more caffeine this sleep deprivation is making me sound all crazy like!