Thursday, April 21, 2005

What an Ungodly Hour!

I was officially awake at 3 am this morning and out of bed and driving at 10 to 4 and I'm convinced that only insane people wake up that early. I had to drive my parents to the airport which is all find and dandy but 3 AM!! Now I understand being asked to do something like this once in a blue moon and well I've only got one set of parents so I agreed. I am getting to borrow their car while they're gone which makes up for this whole 3 am thing.

And I thought the worst part of this whole ordeal was going to be sleeping in my old room and doing my homework on my work laptop. But oh no something far, far worse came up. As I was driving into work (insanely early) I wanted to stop for coffee; I stress WANTED. Why the fuck would you close a coffee shop overnight? And I'm not talking a little cafe here people, I'm talking a 3 chain coffee/donut places. ALL CLOSED! So when the security guard finally decided to let me into the building I was forced to drink the swill from the automatic coffee machine. I'm not convinced that this is coffe but it seems to have caffiene so I think I'll be ok.