Sunday, May 08, 2005

1 Hangover and 6 Guppies

Well this past friday was the first friday in a while that I really didn't have to worry about homework. So after picking up my Angel we went and had some beers... 3 pitchers to be exact then a bottle of white wine at home. Needless to say I was in pretty good shape when I finally went to sleep. The next morning I woke up at the early hour of noon with a blasting headache and just generally not feeling well. Yep I had another hangover. I've been doing pretty good with these hangover thingys lately. Its good to know that I've learnt that mixing different types of alcohols makes my head hurt the next morning, too bad I always ignore this rather vital piece of information.

Regardless the next day we went and did a little shopping including picking up an aquarium (a whole 5.5 galons) and 6 guppies. I thought this was the coolest thing possible and so did the cat, he was staring at the tank for about an hour and a half after it was all set up. Such a very simple thing but I've always wanted to have an aquarium.

So now the betting is open as to how quickly I manage to kill the fish, I'm hoping its not for a long time but I'm new to this whole cleaning and maintaining of the aquarium so we may have some casualties in the process. *knock on wood*