Sunday, May 01, 2005

2 Days, 2 Hangovers

You'd think that after drinking as much as I have in my life I would know that if I drink too much I'm going to get one of those hangover thingy's. Well I guess to some extent I have learnt because I'm mobile and not throwing up, so progress is being made.

I'm also convinced that if I wasn't finishing school in a week and a half and say it was a year and a half I'd become an alcoholic. That is probably the only way to deal with it... well it isn't but its a handy destructive way.

Need Advil and Gatorade!

Surprising just how effective advil and gatorade are at removing hangovers, now had I been smart the past couple days I would have had the gatorade before going to sleep as well as first thing in the morning. Then I wouldn't be feeling like I got hit by a bus; guess its an appropriate state of mind for starting homework.