Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Baseball Blunder

I was out at the baseball game (Jays vs. The Royals) last night with a friend and we were sitting in the outfield section. There were very few people in our section but we were still heckling the other team a bit, nothing rude or anything like that. The center fielder crashed into the wall early in the game trying to catch a ball. He hit a big red sign.

So in the middle of the game he happened to be closer to our section by the wall so we told him to look out for the wall. Relatively harmless heckling and something that I would assume each player hears on a regular basis. But this particular looser decided to give us the middle finger as he was walking back to his position. It wasn't obvious but as he was walking he did the over the shoulder middle finger.

Very classy! We didn't even swear or say anything rude to the dumbass but he had to respond by giving us the middle finger, there was people with kids there. I was drinking (though not drunk) yet I knew not to swear infront of kids just in case.

So my message to this twit is grow up, you're playing big league ball behave yourself, you're making more money than anyone in the crowd playing a game that really truely isn't challenging.