Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Detox: Day 2

Well I had success yesterday! I was able to only have 8 smokes, I only had 3 cups of coffee all day, zero cans of coke and no booze and I was only mildly irritable. What was really annoying was one of my buddies from work drove me to our softball game and we were waiting for his girlfriend; so we went to a Pub style place to wait. It is extremely difficult to say "Can I have some water please". And I really wanted a beer yesterday, though I did good I must say. So I'm onto day two and I think it'll be easier without the booze today, but the smoking maybe more difficult today.

On another note, I was selected MVP for the guys on our team during our softball game. Why you ask? What feats of softball prowess did I exhibit to crown me with this lofty title? I can asure you it wasn't a matter of skills but more a comedy of errors that granted me that distinction (though I played ok too). Running in from center field for fly ball I caught it, well almost, then caught it with my hand, well almost then bounced it off my face, then almost caught it again to finally catch it. And to complete the comedic effect I stuck the landing raised my hands; then bowed to my spectators some of whom were laughing pretty hard. End result: I was MVP and got a minor bruise on my cheek.