Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I.Q. Prerequisite to Drive!

I'm starting to think that people really should have to pass an IQ prerequisite to get behind the wheel of a car or at the very least behind the wheel of a rig. I've been driving up to my parents place every day for about an hour taking care of their cats and its been causing me grief to no end. But yesterday was special; yesterday I was actually worried that I was going to have no control about being in a car accident. The people driving around me were being absolutely moronic.

For example about halfway there I was stopped at a light, I believe I was second behind a car, behind me pulls up this little silver golf. He's inching towards me but that's no big deal people do it all the time. So the light goes green, I go as does everyone else, but this little silver golf takes off as it if was the Indy and starts cutting in and out of lanes just to get ahead. He was nowhere close to hitting me but in rush hour traffic he very clearly showed just how fucking stupid he was. Needless to say I got a chuckle when at the next red light a few km down the road I was a whole 2 cars behind him and I wasn't rushing.

But the really fucking stupid thing was the truck drivers, of those 18 wheel rigs. Well one guy kept inching forward when he was behind people, normally not a huge deal but he was already less than a foot behind the car. I felt sorry for those drivers. The same guy was also in such a huge rush that he almost hit 2 minivans and a corolla. Seriously what is so fucking important that needs to risk accidents? There were more of these fucking turds on the road but it was an impressive drive I don't think I have seen that many dumbasses concentrated on the drive home in a long time.

Can't wait for tonight’s drive out to the boonies. Now for a coffee and at least one smoke.