Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Looking around for a Job Kinda?

Well now that I'm done school I'm technically more employable than I was before I finished. So I've been kind of looking around to see what's out there and I'm quite convinced that the IT job market in Toronto isn't all that bad. So all of the people that I know who are looking for work claiming that the jobs aren't there must really not be looking very hard.

I guess the biggest problem that I've got right now when it comes to finding myself another job is determining what it is that I want to do. I know that I'd like to stay in the general IT world if possible (mostly because my skills are there) and that I'd like to get into management. But aside from those two quasi limitations I don't really have any I just need to be doing something new... this job has kind of worn thin on me. But while I do poke around I'm definitely not quitting (its an ok job that's become moderately interesting of late)

So how does one figure out what kind of job is best suited for them??