Monday, May 02, 2005

Ok, why didn't anyone warn me its Monday?

I've always found it suprising how Mondays just sneak up on you and bite you in the ass. The worst thing about mondays isn't the fact that you have to get up but its as if your body knows its a work day and no matter how early you get to sleep you still get up tired. Well I know I have lately. I've grown to truly hate mondays.

But this monday is special, driving into work this morning (Yep I'm still taking care of the cats so I've got a car and I'm forced to drive in and then to the middle of nowhere at the end of the day) and this real fucktard is driving behind me. I stop to let my girlfriend out, so I'm stopping for maybe 15-20 seconds, and this braindead fuck starts honking as if I was causing him major grief and personal injury. The hands were flailing as if I had just stuck him with a knife. Seriously if you're in that much of a rush first thing in the morning get up 2 minutes earlier!! I've always found it amazing just how much people try to hurry all day long... is it worth the stress? I say no, but if you are in so much of a rush please expect that I won't give a shit.

Now I guess its time to start doing that working thing.