Monday, May 30, 2005

Review: The Longest Yard

Over the weekend I went with my sweetie and saw The Longest Yard with Adam Sandler and a whole bunch of other people and I've got to say for a movie that had the potential to be very very bad it was quite amusing. So if you saw The Waterboy and liked it then this movie will probably amuse you. If you thought it was stupid then this movie will probably be a dud for you. I think the biggest surprise for me was the performance put in by Nelly; I thought he did a really good job and made the movie more believable and entertaining. All in all its nothing more than a popcorn flick without the depth of a drama but it doesn't pretend to be anything but a popcorn flick.

Its quite nice to be able to go see movies again. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to spend some me time now that school is over. I think the only real problem that I'm going to run into is the fact that I'm trying to do too much to fill in the void left by school.