Friday, May 20, 2005

Review: Star Wars - Episode 3

So last night I convinced my angel that going to see star wars was a good idea, though i know she wanted to see it she was being incredibly nice by going to see it with me. I know she would have prefered to do something else. She enjoyed the movie as did I. I would have to say that the movie though a bit off (acting and dialogue) at times is overall pretty good. If you saw the first two movies then I think you'll enjoy this one. It was very dark and violent in comparison to the other star wars movies but then again it almost has to be.

In other news we're now down to 4 guppies because 2 decided that life in our little tank was simply not worth it and they died. One of them was dying for a couple days and we both knew that he was a goner but there's no point flushing the fish if its still alive. Since we're going away for the weekend I am going to have to clean the tank and give them some extra food. When you first think about getting fish you never imagine just how much work on a regular basis keeping a fish tank can be. But I'm in a good mood because from 12 on I'm done for the weekend and for all those that aren't canadian(or british I think) we've got a long weekend and I fully intend to enjoy it (yep I'm finally going golfing and I'll get a chance to work on my script).

Have yourselves a good weekend and I'll write about my drunken adventures during golf on monday evening.