Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Script?

Today is one of those days that I really wish I didn't have a shitload of work that I have to do in the office or I'd merrily spend the day working on that script I'm writing. Its so much harder to sit down and write at home after a long day at the office and cleaning and cooking when I get home. The desire is simply not as strong in the evenings. Though I'm starting to think that I might have to do a little writing at home because making notes on the script is fine and dandy but unless I write the damn thing the notes are rather useless. I know some of the people that come to this site write, what are your writing habits? How do you write? When do you write?

Not to mention I think I'm going to have to start doing some research into MBA programs and see what's required for me to get accepted into one. I think it would be good for me to continue the whole schooling thing (actually I've been debating about doing a few different programs). Its just too bad that the money and the time are in short supply or I'd find something interesting and entertaining to do in school. But in the mean time I'll just content myself with doing the research into the programs and working on my script.