Thursday, May 05, 2005

Second Last class down, one week to go

Last night was the last night for my second last class! Woo hoo!! I've only got one week left to go till I'm finished, completely finished. I've still got to write some test but it's not one that I can fail so there is some benefits there. I was surprised just how much of a relief this second last class finishing was.

I've got a hockey tournament right after which will be a good excuse to drink and then I'm going to have to get a bit ahead when it comes to work. Thats about the only draw back to finishing up school but you know what its not a bad one. I think that removing the pressure of school will let me get back to normal. I've been so tired and burnt out lately that I got to sleep at 10:30, wake up at 7 and I'm still exhausted. I'm so looking forward to the end that it might pass with out any fanfare (well some drinking at the local bar at the very least)