Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Spam and North American Media

I read a bunch of blogs on a regular basis some to kill time and some because they're interesting. Well needless to say one of the blogs I read because they're interesting (Wil Wheaton dot Net) had an entry on spam and the media. Wil got a piece of span and went off on it and you know what he's totally right.

If I don't give you my email address what gives you the fucking right to send me shit? Unless you're my friend or someone I actually know I don't want to get unsolicited email from you. Stupid fucking spammers taking up the internet bandwidth. The internet is a great source of information, don't go polluting it with crap.

The next point that Wil brought up was North American Media and it was quite refreshing hearing someone bash it. I've never given two shits what the media has to say because if I want news I'll hop online and find a real version of the story within a few seconds. Some of the best sites for news on the net happen to be from the UK (probably because I speak English) though I get a lot of my info from Yahoo! Its pretty sad when the evening news really doesn't hold anything useful for me because the news they provide has been beaten to death (like the Michael Jackson case) or its old news.

There is so much promise and potential in this world but its squandered and abused by so many its just sad.