Thursday, May 05, 2005

Stupidest Driver in the World?

Today I was driving out to my parents and I saw something I have only once witnessed before, I saw someone reading. Yep of all the things in the world I saw someone reading. You might be wondering why is someone reading such a strange thing? Well it was rather disturbing because they were also driving at the time. Seing this woman driving behind me while reading a book, a novel to be specific kind of worried me.

So instead of wishing for caffeine as is often the case in my entries I was wishing for a martini or a scotch (mostly because I had a rough day but also because it would mean I wasn't on the road). It never fails to amaze me just how stupid some people are; I guess the more appropriate term would be careless and thoughtless. I'm sure this woman was a nice person who was fairly bright (and we know she's literate at least) but how fucking stupid do you have to be to read... not just a sentence or on a piece of paper or directions but a novel in moving traffic??

I know now that I will never fully understand people nor some of the retarded things they do.