Wednesday, May 04, 2005

That Time of Life

So I've been pondering quitting the old smoking habit and I'm thinking that once I'm done school and the hockey tournament I should give it a go at seriously cutting back. Though I'm having some mixed feelings about this whole idea. Sure smoking is bad for you and sure I've developed a smoker’s cough. But I really enjoy the social aspect of smoking. Then again I don't really enjoy it but it is a nice habit and I like having a few bad habits around at any given time. Maybe I'll take up cocaine while I quit smoking, I hear its easier to quit than smoking (ok for the stupidly literal out there I'm joking)

It's starting to seem like its getting to that time of the ol' life where I should start taking care of myself because I'm going to regret it later if I don't. Not to mention I've only been smoking again for about 2 years since I last quit (and it was a year and a half so it was a full on quitting) so its about that time to take a break or at the very least give it a serious go at cutting back to like 1 or 2 a day.

Ice Cold Turkey here I come.