Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Who's Going to see Star Wars tonight?

Tonight just after 12 the last installment of Star Wars is hitting the threatres and for once I'm actually hearing some good things about a star wars movie. Hopefully the movie will actually be good and entertaining. Though I'm not going to hold my breath; the first two were ok but I think I might just pass on being extremely tired tomorrow just to see the movie at midnight.

It's amusing seeing all the people my age and a bit older getting all excited about seeing a movie. I've always been a bit of a movie nut as have a couple of my friends so for us to get excited about a movie coming out is one thing but to see people who have 2 kids who never talk about a movie get excited is a totally different thing. Like kids in a candy store.

In other news detox is going well, I had a glass of wine with my sweetie last night because she had a long day at the office, but I only had 7 smokes. Its getting a bit easier to not go out as often for the smoke. I guess keeping myself busy with work, cooking and writing my script are what I'm going to have to do for a little while. Yes I've picked my first project post education: I'm going to finally finish writing my script. I wrote a bit yesterday and I've figured out that I'm now upto 56 pages (not bad considerign the script shouldn't be longer that 110 pages). Does anyone want to buy movie script from me? It feels nice to be writing again.