Friday, June 03, 2005

12+ Hour Days

So I have had the distinct pleasure of working two 12 hour days in a row with no hope in hell of getting any extra money for my tine nor any chance of getting the time back. So why is it that I'm working so much? Well its pretty simple we've got a couple projects on the go one of which is starting to near completion (well its completion date at least)... and mostly because I don't have enough staff to do it. Actually I've got one contractor giving me a tinsey bit of help on one of the projects. The the obvious question is why don't I get any help... well the company doesn't have any money for it (which is understandable and we're making due)

BUT! we had a visit from our corporate CEO and they spent THOUSANDS on this visit, not on the plane tickets nor on the hotel but on simply making the office look nice, changing artwork, cleaning carpets and crap like that. So while I have to work overtime to keep up because there's no money budgeted for help there's tons for a visit. Just annoys me... ok back to work.