Friday, June 03, 2005

Ahh Wonders of the Justice System

I just read an article from the Globe and Mail about a Vancouver man who was sentenced to 10 years for abusing sex trade workers over seas (and in Canada). The article described some of the videos he took as so disturbing that professional investigators needed councelling. And this man got 10 years?

Now I'd like to quote something from the article:

Mr. McCullough said Mr. Bakker had faced the prospect of life in prison if the number of charges had not been reduced. Now, he will be eligible to apply for parole in about a year.

So this guy could have gotten life in prison.... but we'll let him out in a year if he's good? What the fuck is wrong with this system. The stuff he did traumatized the people who were investigating it and we want to let this guy back on the street? If I had a picture of this guy I would put it up so that if anyone from Vancouver ever saw it they could get away from this animal.

Its a fucking travesty to let a guy like this get a slap on the wrist. Seriously I pay my taxes for our laws to be enforced and the government to keep the society safe. When a fucknut like this get a slap on the wrist and I see the Gomery commision and all the politicians trying to bribe each other I'm disgusted. Sex crimes should have a very severe punishement. So what if he did this in Cambodia.. this sick bastard abused 14 year olds!

Ok I'm done with my rant. Reading the article pissed me off.