Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Better, finally

As day three of feeling crappy came to a close yesterday I was pretty sure I would wake up and feel better and as it turns out I was right. I felt a lot better today, maybe not quite 100% but close enough that I can function normally. I guess the only ill effects that I'm suffering from today are self inflicted. Last night I decided to read before going to sleep and as it turned out I ended up finishing the book I was reading. What book was I reading that kept me so interested you ask? Well I was in the latter part of Clive Cussler's Sahara and I've got to say it was quite good... totally different from the movie but entertaining none the less. The ending did kind of annoy me because the climax of the story was a full 60 pages from the final ending. That makes two books I've recently read that have either been predicable at the ending or stretched out and left the ending a bit annoying.

For those curious out there the last book I read was The Da Vinci code and the ending wasn't bad but it was a bit anti-climactic for me because I figured out a good chunck of the book before I got to the end. It was a very good read and entertaining but the ending like with Sahara could have been a bit better. I started a book called 'Orbiting the Giant Hairball' today, its a business book of sorts (more a book about surviving in the corporate world). I've read this one before and it was kind of interesting the first time I read through it. Being that I'm still seething about having an idea stolen by management I figured this was probably a good book to read, especially since its such a light read.

I need to be able to cope here till I decide where to go and what to do. Though I'm inclined to think that all roads are leading me away from here.