Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Blogging has become so popular over the past few years and as each month goes by more and more people have blogs. I’m a perfect example of this though I knew about blogs for a very long time I never bothered until quite recently. To find out that one of my co-workers has a blog wouldn’t surprise me and in the case of my work I almost expected it since we’re a tech/web related department.

Now a few things come up when you consider blogging and work, first off many people have been fired for writing in their blogs. In some cases it’s because people have spent way too much time on their blogs and are wasting company time. Though most people write one, maybe two entries in their blogs and take up about as much time as your average person does checking their non-work related email. You just have to be careful what you write especially when you’re upset. A single entry in those cases can get your ass fired almost as fast as if you were downloading porn at work.

The other thing that can come up is that your co-workers will find your blog and read it. This has the potential to be very bad especially if you go off on any of the people you work with. I’ve tried not to mention any one specific so far and I’m trying to keep this to not only work but everything in general. Yes bitch about your friends and people in general but don’t get creative with coming up with hidden names for people. If you’re writing about someone specific they’ll clue in it’s them if they know it’s your blog. But even if you do stumble across a friends blog and they write something about you… why get upset, chances are the person is venting and in reality doesn’t mean it. I’m sure friendships have been lost over stuff like this.

If you’re worried about someone reading what you write… here’s a little hint don’t write it. If you’re reading something that you accidentally discovered, take it with a grain of salt, especially if you’re not certain its about you. Even if it is about you it could just be a 2-minute rant that someone wrote because you upset them briefly. Remember a harmless blog (most of them are) entry about a situation can be out of context.

Ok… my rant about blogging is done (as is my lunch so I should get back to coding).