Friday, June 10, 2005

The Corolla Driver

A new Corolla pulls onto a small street in the middle of a small industrial park driving way too fast. The driver must be in a hurry to get somewhere or he's just frustrated by the collection of morons that seems to be filling the streets of toronto. Either way he's driving through the morning drive quickly and somewhat recklessly but he's on a small side street and only a danger to himself if the lamp post jumps out at him.

He slows and banks into a parking lot, the building is a very nondescript one storey structure with a nice garden infront of it. The Corolla driver continues going slowly until a free spot is visible and at 8 in the morning a great many are free. He pulls the sleek silver car into a spot and sits there for a minute looking absently at the building opposite the one he just pulled into. It too is a very nondescript one story strucutre though with much fewer windows. Then with a sigh he turns the car off gets out opens the back door and grabs what looks like a computer case. He closes the doors and starts walking indifferently locking the car with the remote over his shoulder.

As he walks his shoulders droop and his head hangs a bit as he's watching the ground just ahead of his feet. The walk is a slow shuffle of the defeated inexoribly being pulled into a black hole with no hope of escape. As the Corolla driver nears the employee entrance he sees another victim of the company who is chipper because its friday. The Corolla driver pulls out the invisible mask from his back pocket and slips it on his face... a smile, a nod, and a witty comment quickly ensue making the other person laugh, though they obviously miss the sarcasm of the comment. The first employee goes through the door and again we see the shoulders of the Corolla driver droop and his head hang the dejection visible in his posture.