Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hot Weather!

Over the past few weeks we've had some really hot weather in the city of Toronto and generally in the viscinity and it really makes me wonder how people can continue to function the way they do in this kind of heat. I don't mean the regular every day stuff because I do that without any problems but I'm talking about the running and doing strenous activities. Most of the time that I see people doing stuff like this I sit back and wonder if they seriously have the IQ of an orange because rarely do these people have water bottles or anything resembling liquids.

People when the temperature outside is 33-34 and the heat index is in the 40's you hydrate yourself and don't go running in the middle of this kind of heat. If you've got to do a job then you've got to do a job but to do something for fun that's likely to make you faint or nautious then something isn't right. During our softball game yesterday (again in this heat) I drank 1.5 litres of water... thats a lot of water to drink over 2 hours but I needed it and I was thirsty. I can only imagine what the dumb people who didn't bring water were thinking. I guess its weather like the heat we're having this summer that brings out the best in some people (like those sharring their water and offering rides) and the stupidity in others that would under most circumstances be smart.

I guess this is what siestas are for!

And for all those that don't use centigrade to measure temperature (34C = 93F and the heat index right now is 106F or 41C)