Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Today as I was thinking about what to write (yes occasionally I've got a few things that I want to write about so I pull together a list) and it struck me that I've been on this whole topic of work and the apathy I feel towards mine. So ranting about stupid people on the subway or the Michael Jackson case lost out to something a bit closer to the work front for me: Motivation


   a. The act or process of motivating.
   b. The state of being motivated.
2. Something that motivates; an inducement or incentive.

So when I really truly think about work and the apathy I feel towards coming in each and every morning its not so much that I hate the job because it in itself isn't that bad but I've got absolutely no motivation to do any of it. I'm not certain if the apathy comes from the lack of motivation or the lack of motivation is causing the apathy. I guess its a bit of a self feeding cycle.

For those of you that haven't been reading my posts in the past few weeks I've started looking for work now that I've got some additional 'value' to the market with my degree. But I think I really need to figure out what about this job is causing me to be so unhappy and unmotivated to come in each and every morning. It would be very useful information to know just in case it has nothing to do with the specific job and more with my approach to it. It would be a shame to change jobs only to find myself in the exact same situation.

I beleive that the problem lies somewhere between it all: my approach to the job, the job itself and my general expectations on life. Its time to find a nice balance between all of them so that work doesn't bring me down. And if necessary find some kind out outside influence that I can help to balance everything.