Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Slow News Day

I've come to the conclusion that today has to be a slow news day because an article on Yahoo! has been there all day and the headline reads 'Jackson Ending Sleepovers in His Room'. You would think that after settling two civil suits and having a grand jury press charges of child molestation against Michael Jackson, he'd never even contemplate it. I would have assumed that after he paid off the first plaintiff against him years ago he would have stopped the practice just in case. But Michael has truly turned into a strange cookie.

Originally I had planned to make some comments about the verdict of the trial but when it comes down to it when the jury makes a decision the legal process has run its course and regardless of if he actually commited the crimes or not justice has been served. But for an announcement to come out that he's ending sleepovers in his room to be made public I found a touch amusing... if Michael Jackson ever has sleepovers in his room he's flat out asking for trouble and should get what he deserves. Till then he's an innocent man that should enjoy what little fame he has left and enjoy the rest of his life in the relative comfort he can afford.