Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Working from home

Today is laundry day! I was almost out of clothes yesterday so I decided to work from home today so I could listen to some tunes, get some laundry going and not have to go into the office. I'm already in a much better mood than if I had gone to the office. But then again I didn't have to deal with the stupid people on the busses and subways fighting and clawing their way to wherever they're going. I have never really understood why so many people on the bus and subway feel the need to run the moment they get off and need to make a connection. I can understand the occasional need to hurry to make sure you catch a connection but during rush hour busses and subways run every few minutes. If you miss a bus you'll have to wait maybe 5 minutes... and if that 5 minutes is so crucial then leave early.

Anyhow back to working from home; I'm quite surprised that more people don't do it. I think I'll try doing it at least one day a week for the next little while. It keeps me off the subways (or out of the car on the odd days I've got one) and I'm much more productive. I find it surprising how resistant companies are to something like working from home when the capability is there.

Anyhow I should go pour myself another cup of coffee before it gets cold.