Thursday, July 07, 2005

Stupidity Strikes Again

When I woke up this morning and turned the radio on the first thing I heard was the DJ talking about the bombing in London. I’ve had a chance to read a few articles about it and I’m convinced that stupidity has struck again. The terrorists seem to think that they’ll get their way by bombing innocent civilians.

Will you spread terror in the places you bomb? Yes

Will you get a reaction out of people? Yes

Is the reaction going to be what you intend? No

If you think about it bombing a nations innocent civilians is going to accomplish a few things, first off it will force the country to take drastic measures to improve their security. Take the US for example: after the world trade center bombings they’ve had threats and various warnings about possible terror attacks but when it comes down to it getting the necessary people in place to set of a terror attack is probably damn near impossible. The second thing that will happen in the terror attacked nation is that it will polarize the people not against the government policies but against the nations/groups responsible for the attacks. Support for war and policing measures in Iraq and Afghanistan will go up instead of down. People will want retribution for what has been done to them.

You want vengeance? Great, you’ve got it… you killed some people. But now your whole network is under attack by an entity that has virtually unlimited resources. Why would you pick a fight that you will eventually loose? What for? For vengeance? That’s just stupid.

I believe that foreign presence in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq is probably not extremely necessary and the war in Iraq was something that should never have happened. But why not talk and try to ensure that your voices are heard instead of associated with violence and atrocities? Do you think that it will help remove the elements you don’t like? No it won’t if anything it will simply prove to all that those elements are that much more necessary.

People all around the world co-exist with such a wide variety of beliefs and a lot of those people believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong. But let the others believe what they want, leave touchy and sensitive topics aside and co-exist and live your lives in peace instead of violence.