Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Time to get cracking!

So it’s now time to get down to work finally and get cracking. Time to finish off a few projects and to get a few things out of the way at work. I know it sounds a bit weird considering that I’ve lately been a bit anti-work but there are times when one must get cracking and get things organized and I believe that this is starting to be one of those times.

Does this mean that I’ve given up on looking for a new job? Given up on wanting something new and different?

A very clear no would be the answer to that but I’ve got to get things organized and I’ve got to figure out just what kind of job I would like. I also need to do a bit more research into MBA programs and a few certificates to ensure that I’m a bit more employable and a bit more desirable as an employee. So to that end I’m going to try getting all those details sorted out before the end of August (maybe even before August 15th if all goes well). It’s a very daunting thing realizing that the problem with the job isn’t necessarily the job but the fact that it doesn’t challenge me and that what I’m looking for is a bit different than what the job offers me. Going away for vacation was a good thing, I managed to think about this in peace without some of life’s pressures on me.

Hopefully my second cup of coffee will kick in soon because I’m still not awake at all!