Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A bit amusing but serious

Well as I was scanning through the BBC site I found a rather interesting article about Canada sending its Navy to the arctic to further bolster it's claim on a remote northern island in the arctic. The whole problem arose when our defence minister went up there to visit the island. That caused the Danes to yell and scream about the fact they think this island is theirs. Now we're sending our Navy up there... it's an island up in the middle of nowhere, where all parties involved agree there is no significance to the island. So why the posturing? Either way I find it amusing that there's all this hubub over a small island that's uninhabitable, or at least uninhabitable in all sense of practicality.

I guess we'll see if this goes any further or if it just quietly dies down and Denmark and Canada come to some kind of agreement or if this turns into something louder? I think the most alarming comment about the article is the fact that the US is simply going to consider the north west passage international waters if and when it becomes more readily traversable. Either way the article was interesting, at least for me.

BBC Article