Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Caffeine can be bad for you??

Surprisingly I stumbled accross an interesting site about caffeine and it turns out the stuff and be bad for you? Say it isn't so! Well I've been feeling like shit lately and about the only things that have changed is that I've been drinking more and having more coffee... now can it simply be caffeine?

Now before anyone says its the booze by more I mean I'm having a couple glasses with dinner (a couple nights a week) and I go to the bar maybe once a week so its nothing excessive. I get drunk maybe and I stress maybe once a month (though this is mostly because I can drink a stupid amount of booze)

So can it possibly be caffeine? I don't know but all things considered it could be the site definitely had a lot of information to back their claim that its bad for you. And I've been drinking caffeine... either as coke or coffee for a very long time, I've also always been a bit edgy, high strung and had high blood pressure. Take today I've had 4 cups of coffee... and thats about the average. Before the coffee craze I was drinking upwards of 10 cans of coke per day (I managed to kick the coke adiction but had a nasty headache for 5 days)... I no longer like coke.

So I'm going to try something as an experiment; I'm going to cut down to one cup of coffee per day. If I can maybe cut it down to 0 altogether. I want to see if it makes and difference in the way I feel (mostly mentally)

Here's the site I stumbled on:


In 1995, NASA's Dr. David Noever and his fellow researchers at the Marshall Space Flight Center studied the webs spun by common house spiders (Araneus diadematus) dosed with several drugs, including LSD, marijuana, benzedrine, chloral hydrate and caffeine. The more toxic the drug, the less organized the web the spider created.

To the surprise of Dr. Noever et al, caffeine did the most damage of all the substances tested. The spider dosed with it was incapable of creating a single organized cell.
- From CaffeineWeb

Thanks to Christie for the original CaffeineWeb Link