Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Experiment Continues

Well I haven't updated on the progress of my little experiment to reduce the amount of caffeine intake and I've got to say I'm managing to do pretty well. I've cut my consumption from 3-4 cups a day to one and aside from a mild headache that I got initially I think it's actually making a bit of a difference. I haven't been quite as irritable though I can't rule out that's not as a result of something else. I'm going to continue the experiment for a little while, I might even try having ZERO coffee over the long weekend (though I fully intend to replace it with BEER and other forms of Alcohol!!!)

On a much more serious note I commented on Hurrican Katrina last night, but what I didn't mention was the fact that this storm really did a great deal of damage and a lot of people are in need of support. If you can please help out the Red Cross in any way possible (Blood and Money often help out the most) here's a link to the Red Cross site and see how you can help out... just watch out for the scam artists.