Monday, August 15, 2005

Finally Feeling better!

Almost 3 days of fevers and then a sore throat that barely allowed me to swallow water, let alone food have finally capitulated to something akin to feeling almost normal. I can't wait until this passes completely and I can pretend it never happened. But in the mean time I've got a bunch of stuff for work to catch up on. I spent almost the whole week at home, this is the first time in the 5 years that I've worked here that anything remotely similar has happened.

So why am I writing instead of plugging away at work? Sadly a lack of motivation is the culperate here. I've got next to no motivation at the moment even though I've got a small mountain of work to do. But I'm affording myself the small luxiury of writing instead of trying to figure out where to start first, might as well tackle it in a good mood and a bit more relaxed than I would be otherwise.

The rather annoying feeling of floating here at the office has returned and I think its going to stay here... it's been coming and going but I think the threat of permanence is the most effervescent component this time. I think its time to give this whole looking for something new a real go because I might loose my mind to indifference if I don't.