Friday, August 05, 2005

Fuck Fuck Fuck... at least its Friday

So about the only redeaming fact about today is that it's friday. The last couple days have been mentally icky at best and I think I'm just getting fed up because I haven't had a sigle fucking change in the work environment for something like a billion fucking years. I hear my sweeting talking about her job and I've got it pretty fucking easy but I'm so fucking bored that I'm writing a blog right now because I simply can't be bothered to do any work. It's not like anyone else in this place is doing very much this morning anyways.

So I'm bored, I don't know how to motivate my fucking retarded sorry ass to actually get my projects done ASAP... I'm bored with it, yes this I know but I'd like to just get some of these fucking things done so I can move onto something a bit more interesting.... though I really fucking doubt that's going to happen in this cess pool. Well I should be fair, its not a cess pool... I feel like I'm in one because I'm bored.

Now I know that I should quit bitching and just get another job but surprisingly jobs with the kind of money I require (yeah I've got these retarded bill thingys that ask for a boatload of money each month) aren't as easy to come by as I would have originally thought.

I think I might have to go forward and start that consulting company on the side... maybe that will unborify my sorry ass. I need some motivation but I just don't know where to find it... hell I'd buy it if I could, I'd stock my fucking cupboards full with it.

Ok time to quit the bitchfest and get back to work.