Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A bit of a slow news morning

So I've recently been posting my comments and opinions when it comes to news stories or articles that I've stumbled upon or found and I've got to say that today is a pretty slow news day. Yes there are still a great many things happeneing in the world for example there was a female suicide bomber in Iraq today that killed 6 people but this isn't really news, it's a war as far as I'm concerned. The nation of Iraq is currently in a mess; one that I'm sure they're working towards fixing.

Other than the continuing struggle in Iraq the UK has ruled out military action against Iran, which is a peice of good news. I don't think the UK or the US are quite ready for another war just yet; they're still having lots of trouble with Iraq.

So enough on the whole news front for the time being I'm sure something interesting will come out today that gives me a good excuse to write another entry while waiting for the stupid VPN to let me into work.

'Woman bomber' kills six in Iraq (BBC)
UK rules out Iran military action (BBC)

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