Wednesday, September 07, 2005

An Extra Long Weekend

So today is the first day back for me from a very extended long weekend, a whole five days, and I'm nice and rested. It's amazing just how much recouperation you can do in a short time like five days. I slept, I drank, I swam, I chilled, and I ate an excessive amount of food. In other words I had fun over the past five days.

Now its back to hell... but the good news is I've got an interview later on today so things might be looking up for me. I guess I'll know more after the interview, I need to know more about the job before I'm truly interested.

I'd comment on all of the news that I've read over the past couple hours about what's been happening but to tell you the truth it's just annoying and pathetic some of the stuff that's happening. I'll give myself a couple days off before I start throwing out my jaded opinion (mostly because I'm upto my eyeballs in work at the moment)