Thursday, September 29, 2005

NASA administrator says space shuttle was a mistake

Well this is a bit of a revelation, NASA saying that they've spent 150-250 billion dollars in error. You would think that before they got this far they would have tried steering the direction of the projects down a different path. I've said this before and I'll say it again if it took Scaled Composits 20 million to the edge of space why is it that it costs NASA 400 million dollars to launch the shuttle into orbit just once. There is definitely something wrong with their accounting.

I understand that space exploration is an expensive venture but in all earnestness there has to be a limit to the spending and how the spending is conducted. We've had the technology to get to the moon since the 60's and now we're having difficulties putting astronauts into space? I think NASA should have a look at how the Russian Space Agency runs and how they're making use of the technology that worked for them. I'm sure they haven't spend 150 BILLION dollars US over the past 30 years shuttling austronauts and satelites into orbit.

There is a lesson in simplicity there; I wish that someone in a position of power would learn it.

NASA administrator says space shuttle was a mistake (USA Today)
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