Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nepalese Menstruation Law

I ran accross an article on the BBC site about a law change in Nepal that struch down a ruling forcing women who were menstrating to stay in cow sheds. I agree with the article that this is a good day for women's rights in Nepal but what really struck me was the fact that such a law even existed. How can any sane person think its alright and justify keeping someone in a cow-shed because of a natural act of the human body. It would be like sticking children going through puberty in the basement for 3 years until they were done.

The people who this law affected had no more control over their monthly cycle occuring than any one of us has for determining the weather. We can plan around the weather to not be inconvinenced but that's about it, to force let alone ask someone to stay away from you and spend their time with farm animals for a week out of every month is absurd and inhumane. I'm glad that the law was stricken down but I'm still appaled that it existed in the first place.

It's amazing sometimes what happens 'Legally' on this planet, makes you wonder if we're in the middle ages or the 21st century.

Link to BBC Article