Monday, September 26, 2005

Rita a flop

Well as it turns out Rita had a lot of bark but not nearly as much bite as it looked she might. In the end she came ashore as a category 3 storm and although that's destructive and she left a swath of flooding the damage could have been far worse. Not to mention that if she came in as a category 5 she could have done a lot of damage when it comes to human lives. Over all it wasn't all that bad; some clean up and some insurance claims and although some peoples lives have been permanently altered they weren't ended.

One thing about this storm that amazed me was the fact that the meteorologists really didn't know how to read the storm at all. This storm wasn't supposed to become as strong as Katrina; it became stronger. This storm was supposed to stall after making landfall; the north east is getting dumped by her rains not more than 48 hours later. Rita was supposed to hit southern texas initialy; she hit the LA-TX border. It just goes to show that mother nature although predictable in some ways still harbours a lot of her secrets and I think it might be a very long time before we're truly able to predict these storms accurately. At least we're learning our lessons and getting out of the way.