Tuesday, September 27, 2005

World Solar Challenge

I ran across this yesterday and thought it was uber cool. An article/posting on slashdot about the which is a race over 3000km in vehicles powered only by solar power. I think this is super cool that the technology has gotten to the point that it’s no longer a challenge to complete the race/challenge but the challenge arises in completing first. It also proves that photovolatics have come a very long way and are potentially a good source of energy going into the future. Think about it, wouldn’t it be cool if you had some solar arrays on your car and it improved the car’s fuel efficiency by say 10%? Wouldn’t that be worth it? I would like to think it would be.

I think more people need to become aware of things like the and the technologies that they showcase; if more people know about these technologies and events then maybe they’ll start to become more mainstream (maybe reducing our need for fossil fuels, and archaic technologies that can’t even pretend to be efficient).


Slashdot Story

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