Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Aftermath of Wilma

Some hurricanes are destructive even though they might not be THAT powerful, it really depends on where the storm, hits. Then you get the odd storms like Katrina and Wilma that are both extremely powerful and destructive. Wilma stands to become the second most destructive hurricane on record (just behind Katrina), this would make this hurricane season memorable and record setting in more ways than anyone would like to remember. Not only have we gone through all the names and gotten to Alpha but we had the most powerful hurricane on record develop (Wilma) and had two extremely damaging storms (Katrina and Wilma) that together could cost about 70$ Billion dollars.

I find it amazing just how powerful mother nature can be when she decides it's time to wreak some havoc. As of this morning about 6 million people were without power in southern Florida, at least 17 are dead (which is suprisingly little) and likely hundreds of thousands are homeless. Hopefully this hurricane season is about done throwing it's fury at the carribean and affected areas.

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