Friday, October 07, 2005

Bush: "Sure thing God I'll get right on it"

Ok I couldn't pass up the opportunity to poke some fun at this. There's an official denial from the White House saying that George Bush never claimed that his actions are based on 'conversations' with God. Ok the article on Yahoo! points to a British documentary that hasn't even aired yet and there's already denials; there's also quotes from a Palestinian minister who seems to corroborate this...

Um.. George, I don't think you're talking to God and I don't think he's talking to you. Unless you happen to have some mental disorders that make you think you're having a conversation with God I believe you're having some delusions of grandeur. If God told you to Afganistan... good, you got some terrorists, you're on your way to establishing a democratic state in what was once a totalitarian dictatorship. But when God told you to invade Iraq, well here I'm thinking you might have questioned the Almighty One... unlike Afganistan you've only managed to create chaos, death... oh, and a lot more terrorists. Not to mention you look like a ding bat for starting the war and having it still dragging out.

If you're talking to God mr. Bush then I if you wouldn't mind asking for this weeks lottery numbers and passing them onto me.

*I love seeing what makes the news*


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