Friday, October 21, 2005

Damn! Now Cancun is going to be a disaster area!

In this part of the world (and probably in quite a few) Cancun is a sunny destination of choice, it doesn't cost a lot to get there and when you're down there you've got beautiful sandy beaches and lots of other tourists around to party with. It's a place that I've often wanted to go and I've heard awesome stories about the place (from friends and family) but alas the opportunity never really presented itself (mostly because I like living broke).

Now that Hurricane Wilma is showing the world just how much damage a category 4-5 storm can do to a tropical resort destination I don't think I'm going to get the opportunity for a while. Not that I was planning on going this winter but! Now I simply won't have the opportunity courtesy of this completely abnormal hurricane season. This is the third category 5 storm in the Gulf of Mexico area this hurricane season! And although I have a very unhealthy desire to watch completely fucked weather up close... I chased a tropical storm into Florida a few yeas back... I got really wet. Being in the path of one of these god aweful monsters is not something anyone would want... just to ask a tornado chaser if they'd want to be sucked up into the belly of an F5?

So we've got yet another protion of the world that is going to suffer the effects of a natural disaster... first Katrina, then Rita, then the earthquake in Kashmir, now Wilma (not to mention all the other nature related damage caused by storms and earth movements). Well anyone that can help... contact your red cross... give what you can. I hope those poor buggers on vacation stuck in paridise survive to tell the tale of hell on earth coming to vacation in Cancun.

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