Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

I'm not dressed up but I'm still enjoying the holiday. Had I gone out over the weekend and had a costume then maybe I might have come into the office wearing it. But alas I managed to get sick... so I spend the weekend being all achey and kind of whiney. But over all it wasn't too bad. I was thinking about going all out on the Halloween theme, doing some research on the topic and I was surprised to find that the Halloween traditions aren't only a North American thing but also survive and are quite popular in parts of Europe (Mostly Ireland and England). Here's the Wikipedia entry on it if you're curious to learn more.

In other fascinating news, I did manage to buy that car I was looking at last week. I think I pick it up Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on if they've got it read). And I've got to say I'm pretty fucking excited about it. I haven't had a car that was worth anything for a while; so to have an SUV that's nice and comfortable with lots of room is definitely a plus. Though I won't be driving it all that much, mostly to hockey and the odd task here and there it's still nice to have the freedom.

And now I should get back to the evil thing called work. I say make Halloween a statutory holiday (well I've got a few more that I want made holidays first but Halloween is up there).

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