Friday, October 21, 2005

It's Friday Right?

Although it's friday yesterday felt more like a friday than today does. Hell this time yesterday I was just making my way into the office and today I've been plugging away at work for about two hours. Not to mention I'm a bit hungover.... I should know better than to drink on a week night... hell I should know better than to mix beer and hard liquour on a week night. I'm just feeling apathetic today. Actually I've kind of felt like that for the better part of the week.

Yesterday I was even considering just stopping blogging but I actually enjoy it even though I don't get much in the way of traffic. I have never really given out personal info on this site, nor do I ever really intend to; this isn't a location for me to vent at my company though I may occasionally say something but they're alright I do my job they pay decently.

So what's left for this blog... well I've recently been commenting on the news. Well that gets kind of dry after a while and you're kind of fucked for a post on a slow news day. Lately we really haven't had many slow news days but a feeling of apathy can really make a decent news day seem very boring. So what to write about? Well I think a bit of opinions on the news mixed in with the thoughts and emotions and a bit about the shit happening in my life. A good mixture of all of this.

I've already capitulated and you can send me an email off this site, I didn't originally intend to do this but why not? I'm not going to hide behind the annonimity of my blog... if I have an opinion that grates you... go nuts and email me (the traffic is small enough I'll probably never get an email).

I guess we'll see where this blog goes; I guess it'll be more of me into it and a bit less opinions on the news (so you if you've read this far you might get an update to the whole attempt at performance training on my skating).

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